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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Awarded scholarship by the NY SOI!!

"The New Standard"(lion) and "Boy on bear" (bear)are the two pieces that got into the NY SOI Student scholarship Competition Show 2010.
The lion one is awarded $4000 (sweeeeet!)Nancy Lee Rhodes Robers Scholarship Award.

It was also selected into the COMMUNICATION ART ANNUAL 2010.
The bear one and the melon heroes piece(below) were selected into the West 48 Show by LA Society of Illustration Show 2010 as well.

These pieces were done last year with the guidance from Chris Buzelli and Soojin Buzelli.
The lion and the bear were published in Soojin's magazines: PLANADVISER and PLANSPONSOR.

It's really exciting and sort of surreal to have received these honors all of a sudden.
The last time I remember winning something was in elementary school.

I think I was really lucky to have taken Chris' class.
I learnt not only how to approach illustrations in a conceptual way but also how to be honest with myself.
My works have changed drastically for better since then.
For a while, I was trying to force a style on myself by looking at and mimicking my heroes' works(funny enough, a lot of them were oil-painters).
That didn't go well. I learnt from Chris that "style" was often overstated, it should merely means the way we think and draw naturally.
Therefore style can not be found outside, but should be discovered and cultured inside.


  1. victooooo!!!! yay blog haha. congrats again on the award! are you going to the show? i might actually go just to see some friends

  2. yesss mr mentor shin, I followed your advise and footstep and started a blog haha..still not very used to it, not sure what to write most of the time..when's the show anyway? i think i will go,you should go because it wont be as fun without you!

  3. the new standard one is such gorgeous piece victo! and congrats on society!