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Friday, April 30, 2010

New Works

Now that the senior show opening is over, I can finally update this blog with my recent works.
Here are some pieces I have done in these 2 months.

"Bowlcut"-Latest work! After doing many editorial piece for serious articles, I wanted a change, especially after seeing Dadu's works which are very personal and emotional.
Chris Buzelli was very understanding and let me do a personal piece for my independent study with him. This piece was inspired by my childhood memory. My mom used to put a ramen bowl on my head to give me a perfect edge bowlcut.
I think this piece is my favorite so far.

My take on the classic "King Kong", was trying to show the sentimental aspect of King Kong, reaching for the last touch before his fall. Done in Jon Foster's cover to cover class.

"Ben Franklin biography"-Book cover done in Jon Foster's "cover to cover" class.
I didn't want to do a portrait of Ben Franklin, so I decided to make a cover inspired by one of his quotes which I think describes his own life very well: "Mankind is divided into 3 classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, those that move."

"A drop of murder" illustration for a New York Times book review article about poisons roaming free of regulations during the 30s. Done for my independent study with Chris Buzelli.

"They were here", a illustration for a Walrus article about tracking Russia's young homeless.
I did three different ideas at the sketch stage and decided to go with the quieter and more emotional one. Done for Chris' independent study.

"The Red Highway", illustration for a New York Times Book Review article about China's road network expansion and its effect on social demography. Done for independent study with Chris.

"The effect of toxins on infants", illustration for a New York Times Op-Ed article about the possible relationship between toxins in cosmetic and inborn autism.

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