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Sunday, May 9, 2010

SOI NY opening

Went to the big apple for the SOI NY opening 2 days ago to receive my scholarship award.
It was a pleasant surprise to find out they are using my image for the 2011 call for entry poster.
Thrilled to meet many of my idol illustrators and art directors: Julian Tamaki, Sam Weber, Scott Bakal, Josh Cochran, Soojin Buzelli, Iren Gallo...
It was also very nice meeting the fellow student talents. Everyone was unbelievably nice!

Thank you my instructor/ kungfu master Chris Buzelli and all my friends for coming to the opening and rooting for us.
Thank you RISD illustration department for arranging the trip, Jean Blackburn and Susan Doyle for accompanying us the entire trip.

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  1. You are a very talented yet humble artist. Your artpeices are so nice, balanced. By this blog I also realized that you are very down to earth and human :) I can't understand why you don't have many reviews on this blog o.O I wish you good luck with your projects! In my opinion, a positive mind is the key. And you seem to have it, so you'll be fine! Greetings from Argentina!