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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Revised work for Planadviser

I have revised one of my old works - "Hot Race" to fit the dimension of a reoccurring column called "Hot off the presses" in Planadviser magazine. I think I am liking the new one better with the breathing room and light movement added to the left. Thanks again to AD SooJin Buzelli!

Here is a great news for those who are interested in working for SooJin:
she has two reoccurring columns called "Bells and Whistles" and "Hot Off the Presses" in PLANSPONSOR and Planadviser magazine. I am not sure about the new dimension of the "Bells and Whistles", but "Hot Off the Presses" is 16.5W x 5H trim size, 350 dpi, CMYK. SooJin is very keen on using new talents, so if she likes your versions of the "Bells and Whistles" or "Hot Off the Presses", there is a high chance of being published and earn a month's rent money!