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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I was born in 1930, 3500'N 10500'E

I am doing a comic collaborative, titled "Dimension", with a bunch of my friends from RISD for the upcoming MoCCA. Basically every one's comic starts with entering a portal and end with exiting one, here is my contribution - I was born in 1930, 3500'N 10500'E.

I am by no means a comic artist so this is more like an experimental piece and I need your comments and critiques! I wanted it to be a dedication to my grandparents and their generations.


  1. That's great. super charming art style and very "readable". The story is definitely easy to relate to.

  2. Really awesome!! And surprisingly powerful. Love the repetition of the scream.

    Might have been nice to have the 'bookends' be the person screaming on the roller coaster, just to connect it before and after the portal.

    Beautiful work Victo!!

  3. one life, one ride

  4. The screaming theme is a very smart idea: it gives the whole sequence a unity, and I suppose this gave you more freedom: it probably allowed you not to worry so much about the narrative part. This latter is very simple, but the pictures are so powerful that a more sophisticated story-telling might have got in the way.

    Your drawings seem more descriptive than in your recent pieces, which is right for this sort of work; and your mastery of black and white is astonishing.

    There is something very mature in the way you are able to adjust to the comic format, and, at the the same time, to appropriate it and wrap it around your own artistic personality.
    It's an impressive piece: it does makes an impression.

  5. this is really good!!! I think that last panel removes some of the impact of the strong narrative though. do more!

  6. Thanks for the comments, they are all really helpful! I have been debating about the speech bubble in the last panel too.