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Thursday, April 14, 2011

NYTimes illo-Cairo's Roundabout Revolution

I have a piece in the NYTimes Op-ed today. It's one of the most challenging and fun assignment I have done-big thanks to AD Alexandra for the awesome project and cool layout design.
The article is about the significance of the Tahrir square during the February Egypt revolution which ended president Mubarak's 3 decades of dictatorship. Read article here.

The ADs came up with the awesome idea of using the text to create a space in the page centre which would then be filled with my little people. I thought it would be cool to sneak a little concept in it and make the people cluster the shape of a lotus flower-as lotus has been the national flower of Egypt since the pharaohs, also one of the nick names of the revolution is "Lotus revolution".

I believe I drew over 1000 people within the 6 hours turnaround time yesterday. My hands went numb afterwards but I was quite happy with the outcome and really excited to see it in the paper today. YAY!


web version
print version with mock up text
the final!
close up1

close up2
close up3
close up 4

Monday, April 11, 2011

New work, lecture and other updates!

Last week was super fun and crazy for me! A lot happened and I wish I had time to post about them earlier instead of cramming everything in this one post.

First thing first, I did a piece for the Village Voice special comic issue. The issue pays tribute to the annual MoCCA fest and uses ONLY comics and illustrations, click here to see the all the art. My piece is about Merce Cunningham Dance company's legacy tour at Joyce Theater, had a lot of fun with the circular format.

Second, I had my first guest lecture at awesome illustrator/educator Scott Bakal'sclass in MassArt. Photo courtesy to Scott. I was quite nervous before the presentation but glad it went well. Thank you MassArt students for being so enthusiastic and not judging me too hard. The presentation was a very good experience as it allowed me to evaluate my own work at this point after graduation for 1 year. It's also cool to be on the other side of the fence for the first time.

Oh, and I just confirmed that I will be doing another lecture at the legendary Chris Buzelli's class at SVA next Monday.

Thank you Scott and Chris for giving me the opportunities!

Last but not least, I am now officially represented by the wonderful and beautiful ladies at Morgan Gaynin!
Sorry for the long post and I hope you are enjoying the nice weather!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Keeping it safe baby!

This new illustration is for the March issue of PLANSPONSOR magazine.
Once again, big big big thanks to AD SooJin for distilling the dry and complicated business article into a simple yet fun art direction-"Keeping it Safe"!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My friends and I will be at this week's MoCCA selling prints and our comic collaboration-"Dimension". (Silk screen cover and hand binded!!)
My experimental comic I was born in 1930, 2500N 10500E will the in the book. Our table is at C11. Come by and say hi!