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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cover for the Deal magazine

I did an interior illustration for the Deal magazine recently, AD Larry Gendron was very happy with the final and decided to use it as the COVER! What a surprise!

The story is about LPs (limited partners who provide the money) re-evaluating the funds and their GPs (general partners who manage the money) these days as the economy is looking gloomy. The relationship between LPs and the fund is complex- they need each other to make big money but are also concerned with their own problems and looking to advance their self interest.

It was my first time working with Larry, he's such a pleasure to work with and gave me every creative freedom an illustrator can ask for. Big thanks to all the beautiful ladies at Morgan Gaynin. Inc for getting me this great assignment.


  1. this one is awesome, i did'nt see it on illostop

  2. Opps, yeah sometimes I forget to post everything on illostop...