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Thursday, August 25, 2011

NYTimes and illaboration happened!

Here is a really fun illaboration (illustration collaboration) piece I did with super talented illustrator Kim Rosen. Our theme was mystery.
To see more illaborations by other illustrators, visit

The final art after me adding bunch of stuff on it-
This is the Part 1 I got from Kim, love her drawing of the hair and color scheme!

NYTimes Op-Ed illustration also happend yesterday and is in today's paper. The article follows up on the Hershey chocolate factory strike last week. It talks about the abuse of J-1 VISA- companies exploiting foreign guest workers as cheap labors in the name of work-holiday and cultural exchange. Click here to read the article.


  1. GAYLE MANCHIN is informing because FLORIDA U and MP gave her UP!
    Those LEARS to RIO were " NASTY".

  2. I really love your works!!
    you're amazing!!!

  3. This rocks so hard!!!
    Love it Victo!
    I hope I'll catch you in the city in October!