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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last post of 2011, First illo of 2012

This piece for the New York Times book review will be in tomorrow aka New Year's day 's paper! Not a bad way to start the year, eh?

The review is for "How it all began" by Penelope Lively. (Read online here) A retired schoolteacher, Charlotte Rainsford, has been mugged on a London street. Her hip has been broken and her bag stolen by someone who, Penelope Lively briskly informs us in her 20th work of fiction, will disappear from the rest of Charlotte’s story. This casual nastiness sends Charlotte to her daughter’s house while she recuperates, thus disrupting many of the characters’ routines — to trace the relationships among an assortment of relatives, employers, students and illicit lovers.

Big thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman!

2011 has been a great year, thanks to all of you! Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

NYTimes illo-Apps to Keep Children Happy

This illo is for the NYTimes practical travel page, it's online now and will be in print on X'mas day! The story is about the top picked apps for iphone/ ipad to keep children entertained during long holiday travels.

I have never thought I would draw angry birds or elmo for a job, this is a milestone of my career. Big thanks to AD Corinne Myller, always a pleasure to work with.

Happy Holidays everyone and safe trips if you are travelling! I can't believe 2011 is almost over...

Friday, December 9, 2011

I Speak AN English 2

I started this personal quickie series "I speak AN English" a while ago. The project is meant to record the American slangs that I misinterpreted. I didn't think it would take me almost a year to makes the second and third pieces so NOW it's actually a series. But better late than never right?
I present you the "high-rollers" and "on a roll" following on my last "pho sho".

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A modern kung fu fairy tale

These illos are for this month's Utne Reader magazine. The title of the story is " The Master and Mike DiMeglio". It's a true story about the Chinese White-Crane kung fu legacy and the master-apprentice relationship between Dr. Yang and his favorite pupil Mike DiMeglio, who betrayed the master and got kicked out of the training.

It was a very fun project as I could fully unleash my Chinese-ness and incorporate Sumie in the pieces. The project also got me a little nostalgic that I went so far to dug out this sumie painting I did back in high school. I remember being pretty proud of it but now it's almost embarrassing...still cool to see how my work has evolved though!

Big thanks to AD Stephanie Glaros.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cirque du Soleil photo-illo collaboration

This portrait of Guy Laliberte was a fun collaboration project with photographer Steve Benisty for an Art magazine called Whitewall. Guy Laliberte is the president of Cirque du Soleil. Aside from being the creative mind and founder behind all of Cirque's amazing shows, he recently went into space and shot a coffee table book of images of the earth from space. The book is called Gaia and it's truly inspiring. All the money made from the book goes to his 'One drop' foundation, which promotes the importance of water and provides clean water to third world countries .

Steve came to me with this photo he shot and invited me to add some whimsical drawing to the blank space which would capture the ascent of Cirque du Soleil and say something about Guy's space trip and his One Drop foundation. I came up with the idea of Guy supporting the "water goddess" and have different life forms sprouting out from her.