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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cees Dert Portrait for aiCIO

I did this portrait of Cees Dert for the latest aiCIO. Art direction from SooJin was "Amsterdam theme" and “having options". Mr Dert once used different canals as an analogy for different investment choices, so I thought Amsterdam canals would be a good fit for this piece in many ways.  (Also I just really like to draw buildings...) 

This issue of aiCIO is filled with ABSOLUTELY amazing illustrations from a all-stars line up- cover by Brad Holland , interiors by Julianna Brion, Chris Buzelli, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Bill Mayer, Chriz Nielsen, Dadu Shin and Jing Wei. ( I KNOW, RIGHT?) You can't not check it out. Thank you SooJin again for the great work!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

GCIA Silvers Medals and Commarts Selected!

I was greatly honored to be awarded 2 Silver medals and one Judges' Picks award from the Second Greater China Illustration Awards - an award covering Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and Mainland China. It's my first time winning a professional award in Hong Kong and it really means a lot to be recognized by my own country! Thank you Society of Illustrators Hong Kong and all the judges. 

Also, big big THANKS to these great people, I wouldn't be who I am today without you guys-
-My secondary school art teacher Eileen Tsang who steered me back to art when I almost gave it up. 
-My RISD portfolio teacher Chris Buzelli who taught me everything I know now being an illustrator and a decent person.
-My very supportive parents who could have bought a couple Ferrari but instead sent me to art school.
-And all my mentors, friends and followers! 

Bringing home these lovely trophies designed and hand made by famous HK designer Kenny Wong was the best part!! 

The award ceremony. 
Congrats to all the winners of the Judges' Pick Award.

"Emerge" was awarded Silver in "Editorial and Books" category. Thank you AD SooJin Buzelli for commissioning this piece, also taking a chance and gave me my very first job back in 2009!
Ms. Eileen Tsang and me in front of "Bowlcut" which was awarded Silver in "Personal Work" category
"Windbeast" was awarded Judges' Pick Award (second to the left). , "Safekeepers","the New Standard" and "Moneyhorse"are selected to be in the show (from left to right). Thank you AD SooJin Buzelli and Corinne Myller for the great collaborations!
Dinner buffet was a nice way to end the night!
AND---- these 2 babes are selected into Communication Arts Annual 53!!Congratulations to their AD Megan Scherer and Corinne Myller!
Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

NYT SundayBiz illo-The Ghost Return

I have a piece in the New York Times Sunday Business section today.  When confronted by a letter from the Internal Revenue Service, some people look as though they’ve seen a ghost. And when they open certain letters, a few people do see a ghost — or, more accurately, the ghost of a tax return. When the I.R.S. detects a person had reportable income but did not file a return, it steps in and does the job. This comes in very high cost as the I.R.S. doesn't take in account of the deductibles and adds interest and a penalty for failing to file. 

Better get my taxes done ASAP....ughhhh!

Thanks again to AD Minh Uong for letting me have fun with a boing article!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tree Shields

This illo is for February's Utne reader. It's about the "Great Green Wall" project in Africa- an attempt to  stop desertification and protect farm land by planting trees at the edge of Sahara desert. I thought it would be cool to depict the trees as umbrellas shielding the people and livestocks from the sand storm. 

This is the last illo I worked with AD Stephanie Glaros before she leaves Utne for Experience Life magazine. Thanks to Stephanie's handwork and passion for art, Utne has been one of the few publications out there filled with fabulous illustrations. Stephanie was also one of the few ADs who replied to my promos when I first graduated from RISD. I still distinctly remember how happy and encouraged I was when I got her email!! Thanks and all the best to you Stephanie!