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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cees Dert Portrait for aiCIO

I did this portrait of Cees Dert for the latest aiCIO. Art direction from SooJin was "Amsterdam theme" and “having options". Mr Dert once used different canals as an analogy for different investment choices, so I thought Amsterdam canals would be a good fit for this piece in many ways.  (Also I just really like to draw buildings...) 

This issue of aiCIO is filled with ABSOLUTELY amazing illustrations from a all-stars line up- cover by Brad Holland , interiors by Julianna Brion, Chris Buzelli, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Bill Mayer, Chriz Nielsen, Dadu Shin and Jing Wei. ( I KNOW, RIGHT?) You can't not check it out. Thank you SooJin again for the great work!


  1. You make wonderful work! I've posted about you on this blog (, hope thats oke.

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