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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tree Shields

This illo is for February's Utne reader. It's about the "Great Green Wall" project in Africa- an attempt to  stop desertification and protect farm land by planting trees at the edge of Sahara desert. I thought it would be cool to depict the trees as umbrellas shielding the people and livestocks from the sand storm. 

This is the last illo I worked with AD Stephanie Glaros before she leaves Utne for Experience Life magazine. Thanks to Stephanie's handwork and passion for art, Utne has been one of the few publications out there filled with fabulous illustrations. Stephanie was also one of the few ADs who replied to my promos when I first graduated from RISD. I still distinctly remember how happy and encouraged I was when I got her email!! Thanks and all the best to you Stephanie! 


  1. Hello! was blog hopping and stumbled upon your work. (came here from Robyn's links to be precise.) Amazing work, really in love with your style. and I think yesterday I saw your stuff in Spectrum too. Congrats on that! :D

  2. I absolutely love your work - your style is perfect, and your ideas are very creative. :)