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Friday, April 13, 2012

Tiger hunter for PLANSPONSOR

This piece is in the latest PLANSPONSOR April issue. It was originally a personal piece but I submitted it to AD SooJin after I finished. She liked it and found an article that fits with it. 
This is how AWESOME SooJin is!!   
I really like how the layout design carry the eyes from the image via arrows to the text!

 Some close up details-

Incredible lineup of illustrators in this issue, including Sam Bosma, Dadu Shin, Nick Iluzada, Josh Cochran, Joohee Yoon, David Jien, Chris Silas Neal, Marc Rosenthal, Red Nose Studios...!

Thanks again to SooJin for being amazing!


  1. Please could you make this a print. Its stunning!

  2. Thank you so much Selina! Sure, I will make a print run of this!

  3. Very very amazing piece. The layout design on the magazine is really clever too!

  4. What is the size of original? Amazing!

  5. Thanks guys for the kind words! Email me if you are interested in a print fo this piece, I haven't gotten around to update my online store...Chris- the original is around 12X15".