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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Cobol Braindrain

This cover illustration is for the latest ComputerWorld magazine. The story: when the last Cobol programers retire, 50 years of business processes within the softwares they created may be lost. I was playing with the term "braindrain, and came up with the idea of a giant creature mourning over the lost of his precious programer blood from his third eye (the gateway to higher consciousness and knowledge). 

Initially, the editors were a bit concerned the image may be too bloody. Big thanks to AD April Montgomery who fought for the idea as she was insightful to know that my style would balance out the gore factors. We also decided a more robotic form would address the concern. Nothing beats working with someone who speaks the same visual language.

I love April's layout and type treatment and am very happy with how the piece turned out.  
This is one of the projects that made me go -" I get paid to have this much fun? Life is pretty sweet!"

Happy Memorial long weekend guysss! 


  1. This turned out great! The colours are emotive and I really love the idea. Glad the AD was able to push it to the editors; totally worth it!

  2. draw more robots! looks amazing!

  3. This is amazing! Love the colors. This could be my new favorite illustration of yours.

  4. i kind of like that humanoid miyazaki like robot in the sketch too

  5. Such a beautiful piece!! Great work as always!

  6. Such a great piece! Can we get a high res version of this? I'd like to print this out in poster size and hang it in my home office.