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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My first sensual experience with the New Yorker

How often do one get to draw a full page sensual piece for the New Yorker magazine?
I feel super luck-out being ask to illustrate this piece for the fiction "Sweet Dreams" by Peter Stamm.
The story is about a young couple living together in Switzerland. This is the scene I was given to work on:

She went to the bathroom, filled the tub, and got undressed. The mirror misted over with condensation, and the smell of pine needles filled the air. She turned off the water, and the apartment suddenly seemed very quiet. Then she heard footsteps, and Simon’s voice through the half-open door. He said, I’ll just go downstairs for the bottle of wine. I thought you’d gone already, said Lara, and she poked her head through the crack, and he kissed her on the lips and tried to barge the door open, but she held it shut. They kissed again. See you soon, said Lara. It was odd, she still felt a little ashamed in front of him.





I had so much fun and I think this is one of my recent favorite works. Big big thanks to AD Jordan Awan and Chris Curry!!


  1. What a great job. I notice you added more 'cheek' on the final than the ink drawing. I'm wondering if it was requested by them or if was you that decided to show a little more? I've been asked to cover things up in the past....

    1. Hey Jonathan, moving the shower bar down was my decision, for composition reason. I was surprised and VERY GLAD they let the butt run! But they did asked me not to show her face after the sketch stage.

  2. Such a beautiful illustration!♥

  3. Excellent! Great work Ngai! ;-D

  4. I think this might be my favorite illo of yours! Love the way you've done the steam and it's always great to see the uncoloured version.

  5. Illustration in the most perfect sense! Well done.

  6. in love in love in love with this image!!!

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