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Monday, June 18, 2012

MacUser interview

I have a 5 pages feature interview in the latest MacUser Magazine, check it out! Thanks you AD Camille and Editor Kirsty for inviting me to be on board!

Here are some extracts from the interview- 

1. What was your first Mac?
iMac G5

2. What is the current Mac you are using?
iMac 27"

3. What equipment do you use apart from your Mac (peripherals etc)?
Wacom Tablet, Canon Scanner, Epson Stylus Photo Printer

4. What is your favourite current software programme and what was the
first programme you used?
Favorite - Adobe Photoshop First programe used- Microsoft Word

5. Can you offer any tips for success?
"It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be"-Paul Arden

6. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Architect, because I love LEGO.
Archaeologist, because the Jurassic Park was so cool.
A lyrics write, because I was an emo teenager.
I have always enjoy drawing but it took me a while to wrap my head around the concept of "getting paid by having fun", that just didn't seem right.

7. How did you get your first big break?
When the piece "the New Standard" was selected into most of the prestigious competitions and illustration annuals (Society of Illustrators NY, American Illustration, Communication Arts, Spectrum and 3X3), I started getting a lot of attention from art directors and followings on the internet.

8. What or who are your influences and inspiration?
Growing up in Hong Kong, I was largely influenced by Asian arts and crafts such as Nianhua, Chinese ink scrolls, Lianhuanhua and Japanese Hanga. Attending college in the States exposed me to works by Western
art masters such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Antoni Gaudi, William Turner, Norman Rockwell and Al Hirschfeld. Now I am constantly being influenced by people around me, things I see and music I listen to.

The most influential person to me is my college portfolio professor Chris Buzelli. He said -” Style is overrated, it’s merely a habit of drawing. Everyone has a unique style because everyone has a unique life” This made me realized being honest to oneself is the key to bring out the unique voice in one's work.

9. What mistakes have you learned from?
 "Don't confront the clients, dance with them."- Chris Buzelli.

 10. What's your ideal project?
I would LOVE to work on an animated MV for Daft Punk or Bjork.

 11. Tell us something good...
Listening to Daft Punk and eating peanut butter jelly sandwich (the guilty pleasure can be boosted by adding a slice of provolone cheese) when pulling an all-nighter.

 12. What's your favourite gadget and why?
My iPhone, it allows me to stay in touch with my clients anywhere anytime. This is especially important for the same day turn-arounds like the New York Times. Also, I can throw some birds at pigs or cut some fruits when I need to let off some steam.

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